Advanced Academics

Advanced Academics and Arts Services

Orono High School

One of our primary goals at Orono High School (OHS) is to provide each student with challenge and support appropriate to their needs to facilitate their growth as learners. Research shows that when students encounter appropriate challenge in the classroom, they are more likely to maintain interest in school, to develop perseverance and important study skills, and to show cognitive growth. For some of our students this growth requires encountering challenges beyond what they would typically encounter in a class designed for students of their age. 

Our Advanced Academics and Arts Services at OHS emphasizes subject acceleration, which involves students taking classes designed for older students. Acceleration is supported by research as a highly effective, efficient, and equitable intervention for students with advanced instructional needs (Peters, 2021; Clarke, 2013; Hattie, 2008). At OHS, subject acceleration comes in many forms, including AP and honors courses at OHS and Early College classes at local universities. Research suggests that students are often the best judges of their readiness for accelerated, rigorous content (Peters & Brulles, 2017), so we leave the choice of enrolling in accelerated courses up to students. In the case that they are not able to keep up with accelerated course requirements, we aim to provide smooth off ramps into grade-level classes. 

The Advanced Academics and Arts tabs above describe services provided at OHS, including Early College courses, Advanced Academics courses, Advanced Academic extracurriculars, and Advanced Arts services. If you have questions about these services, please reach out to Susan Smith ([email protected]), our Director of Learning, or Katie Quirk ([email protected]), our OMS/OHS Advanced Academics Teacher.

AP Research Students meeting with UMaine Center for Undergraduate Research coordinators.AP Research Students meeting with UMaine Center for Undergraduate Research coordinators. 2